Monday, October 22, 2007

Pumpkin Patch

We took Grace and Gage to the pumpkin patch this weekend and had a great time. Grace enjoyed everything so much this year, and Gage was just "along for the ride," although he does thoroughly enjoy being outside! He was sporting his NC State wear, so he attracted quite a crowd (especially since State was playing ECU that day in Greenville). Poor kid--it was like wearing a TARGET! Oh well. He's got to learn early that supporting Daddy's team will be essential. And YES, that was the best pic Josh could capture of the three of us--think the sun is bothering him a little?

Monday, October 15, 2007

Lost Again...

I have been hesitant to even post this, but I am getting desperate for the prayer! I have managed to lose my wedding ring AGAIN! It has been gone for almost four weeks now. I somehow misplaced it when my brother and his family were here visiting about four weeks ago. I have no idea why I am so irresponsible in taking it off so often (to wash my hands or put on lotion), but I cannot seem to conquer this poor habit of mine. It is quite possible that one of the little people in my world picked it up and "hid" it somewhere (still ENTIRELY my fault for putting it within reach of little fingers). Please pray that I find it once again. I will likely hand it over to my hubby when/if I do find it and wear an immitation for a while--perhaps until I gain a little responsibility. I am curious. Am I the ONLY one out there who feels the need to constantly misplace my rings?!?!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

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Annual Halloween Party

For the past three years, my sister in law, Theresa, has hosted a Halloween/Pumpkin Carving Party! This year's was lots of fun with yummy festive food that helped us all excitedly anticipate this fresh season. Our weather is even finally cooling off, so it really does feel like fall! Laura Grace had such a ball last year, that we just had to include her this time. This was Gage's first of course, and he was surely overwhelmed with all of the excitement! At the first party in 2005, Xander and Cade were the only children attendees. Even though the party has consisted of the same couples each year, the children are quickly multiplying--we had SIX this year-Seven if you include Theresa's little one (still inside:)! God has truly blessed us all, and the children have undoubtedly brought much more joy to the occassion!