Monday, April 23, 2007

Placenta brain?!?!
I have recently been made aware of this term, and I am starting to wonder if there is some truth to it. Now, let me preface by saying that I have been very cautious not to "falsely blame" ignorant mishaps on pregnancy. I am showing very little, so the pregnancy is really not a highlight of discussion with those other than close friends and family.
I have had very few "cravings" if any, and rarely do I "use" the idea that I should have cravings to coerce my hubby into getting some ice cream for me (though I HAVE used it once or twice:). Though I have trouble getting to sleep comfortably and have to get up several times in the night, rarely do I mention it to anyone.
HOWEVER, two weeks after finding out that I was pregnant, I lost my beloved wedding ring--broke my heart and still does make me tear up when I think about it (which is every time I look at my hand). I have lost my phone, blackberry, purse, and wallet on countless occassions. I leave things everywhere, and I am constantly having to make several trips back in the house to get something before we can leave. I leave my keys hanging in the front door (defeats the purpose of locking it, by the way). I lost my camera case with a very expensive camera (gift from employer), debit card, and drivers license (rather important when you are needing to fly back home) at Disney World. Praise the Lord, it was in lost in found. We also had to have our car jumpstarted when we got back from Palm Beach, because I left LG's dvd player on.
While, before I was pregnant, I did have "blonde moments," this is entirely different. I didn't send out Christmas cards this year, I forgot some gifts until the last minute (when I am usually on the ball and ready to roll for Christmas), and twice I have let the dish water overflow in the sink, because I got sidetracked doing something else. Once we got to Palm Beach, we had to purchase a pack n play for LG, guessed it. I forgot it.
Today, I either locked my keys in the car or lost them somewhere in Wal-mart. Laura Grace and I had to call her daddy for a ride back to the house, and Josh (gracious hubby that he is) is on his way here with the other set of keys, so we can go check the car and search out Wal-mart again! By the way, he is catching on quickly and did not even question my stupidity.
So, anyway, this is just a general "wonderingment" (I DO know that is not a word, but I like it). Should I be concerned, or is this a natural tendency of "placenta brain?"

I just love how sweet she looks and how well she holds her crayons! Laura Grace really loves to color!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


I had some friends inquire about Kindermusik, so I thought I would share a little about it. It has been wonderful for Laura Grace. I am sure that the success of it with your individual child is contigent on that child's interest and even more so on the individual teacher with whom you work. Her teacher happens to be wonderful--very outgoing and friendly.
You purchase your materials at the beginning of the semester, which include cds (of the music you hear in class), books (also that you read in class), and an instrument (typically UNannoying ones:). All of these materials coordinate with that particular semester's theme, and that is obviously based on his/her age group. Each class begins with the teacher singing a "hello" song, individualizing it for each child, and always ends with the "goodbye" song, which LG sings ALL the time at home. The kids dance and sing, listen to poetry and ryhmes, have storytime with the teacher, and work on different things such as high/low, loud/quiet, long/short sounds, etc...
Obviously, this is going to be different for each age group. Laura Grace started in the 18month-3 year class when she was 14 months, and she did very well. She may not have learned very much in the beginning, but she caught up to the other kids very quickly as far as participating and learning. A couple of things to remember is that it is very involving of the parent or caregiver (some days I feel like I've just finished an aerobics class!), and it also requires outside reinforcement (at home). Singing the songs at home and listening to the music has put Laura Grace at a great advantage over those kids who clearly haven't had that.
It is fun for me too, since I don't get a LOT of adult interaction during the day, and because LG lives in a different city than I do and than where I attend church, I don't know many people in her area, so this has opened doors for meeting other children her age.
Hope that is helpful at least a little. I think it is a great learning tool.

Friday, April 13, 2007

All dressed and ready to head to Kindermusik.... I just had to post this picture!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I am a little out of order here, but I forgot to post about our wonderful trip to Disney with our dear friends, Aaron, Selena, Rese, and Evan. We had such a great time with them, especially since it had been almost TWO years since we had seen them last (at our wedding).

We stayed at a great condo with them (thanks to THEM), and had 4 day park hopper tickets (they actually had 5 day tickets and arrived a day earlier than we did). We visited Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, MGM Studios, and Epcott. It was SO FUN!

Josh and I were so blessed this past weekend. My employers, Jim and Michelle took us to Palm Beach, FL via private jet to help with Laura Grace and enjoy the holiday weekend with them! They put us up at the Four Seasons Resort, beachfront. Our room had a beautiful view of the ocean, and the weather was perfect!

I have now passed my half-way mark in my pregnancy, and I am looking forward to seeing this little guy at my next ultrasound on the 18th. The positive side of having a "complicated" pregnancy is that I get to see lots of my little man! I can't wait to have him in my arms!

Here are a couple of pictures of our Easter weekend in Florida!