Thursday, September 27, 2007

Tenth percentile?! Not for long!

Apparently Gage heard the doctor and was offended by his "ratings!" He is a CHUBALUB and catching up quickly! The child loves to eat! Why is that cute only for babies?! I SO wish that was still "cool" at my age...
Just look at that belly!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Go Bears!

I watched my very first Bear's game with Daddy on Sunday... Unfortunately, they lost. Dad says they need a new quarterback in a TERRIBLE way! As you can tell by the picture, we were both rather disgusted.
Robby Gould is our favorite player!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Going to School!

Yes, Laura Grace is only two years old, and when her mom mentioned the idea of her attending preschool, I was APPALLED!! My first thought was "THAT IS TOO YOUNG!" She's just a baby. I don't want to leave her someplace. However, it is only two days a week for three hours each day (9am-noon). It is a church preschool with a GREAT teacher, fun activities, a safe playground, and sweet little kids (most of whom she already knew from Kindermusik), and she LOVES it! I think it will actually be good for her "socialization" skills, and truth be told, it gives me a little break in my mornings two days a week to focus on MY little angel!
She sure did look precious in her backpack too! :)

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Gage's Stats

Gage is up to a whopping 9lbs 2oz, and he is 21 inches long! Little Porker! Doctor says he is doing just perfectly, although it didn't seem to me that he did a very good job at "following" the little flashlight, when the doctor turned the lights off.... Let's hope that was just his Mommy's stubborness surfacing. He is supposed to "follow" it right?! Who knows? I think it irritated him. He is only in the tenth percentile, but of course we are not concerned with that, since he WAS eight weeks early.

He is still a perfect a sleeper and eater (as his weight confirms),
and his mommy is still very much in love with him.

I do often find myself wondering "What did we DO before him?!" Every errand, every activity, and every second revolves around this little person, it seems. We must have been very boring people...

This weekend was Collard Festival here in Ayden... Yes, that's right COLLARD festival. We're just livin' in a good ol' country town. Josh and I took Laura Grace and Gage Friday night, where Josh and Laura Grace enjoyed some very questionable rides and danced on the dance floor (street) to live music. LG was SUCH a show-off, and we all had a great time!