Monday, August 27, 2007

Baby shower!

Josh, Gage, and I flew to Michigan this past weekend for our baby shower finally! We had such a great time visiting with family and friends! Here are some pictures of my precious niece and nephew (Chae and Preston), whom I already miss DEARLY, bonding with their newest cousin.

And here is also a picture of precious Livvie, whom I have waited an eternity (it seems) to meet! She is such a beautiful child--looks just like her Mama! Karen was so sweet to drive so far with her little angel, so we could see eachother! Although I could have spent hours more with them and enjoyed every second, I so appreciate her taking her Saturday to see us!

It is always precious time that flies much too quickly when we are with my brothers and their families. God has blessed us all so greatly, and we so enjoy one another's company.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

My angel

Gage is truly such a precious gem! My world has changed to revolve around this little peanut, and I am so grateful for the change. I have been surprisingly overwhelmed by the feeling of responsibilty for this little man. I expected the unbelievable love for him, but I never (for some reason) anticipated that feeling of being solely responsible for this tiny miracle in the form of my son.

This morning (oh so early), I went to get him out of bed to get ready to head to work, and I just stared in amazement at this gift God gave to us. He just looked so peaceful and so perfect-the only way to describe it. Anyway, I grabbed my camera and snapped this picture.

Monday, August 06, 2007

So relaxed...

Gage has a first love... his crib, a love for which we are very thankful! He is a great sleeper, and he is most comfortable in his very own bed, which is nice.

He has reached the 5 lb mark-still very tiny, but we are grateful he is gaining. He has had the "sniffles" for the past few days, so we are watching him closely, making sure he doesn't get a fever, etc... Hopefully, we can avoid a doctor's visit.

He and Laura Grace have become fast friends. She celebrated her second birthday last Friday, and we had a great time at her birthday party.

We spent this past weekend at the beach with them, and I enjoyed precious time both mornings cuddling with my little boy on the deck, oceanfront. There is surely nothing more peaceful than that.

This time in our lives is so priceless. I have been overwhelmed with such strong emotions, as I try to savor this time that I know will too soon be gone.