Thursday, December 14, 2006

I am on a roll today, and I just HAVE to share this picture. We have been working on self-feeding a lot lately, mostly because Laura Grace is very independent and anxious to learn. However, it seems that Ms Sara is the only one, patient enough to "let loose!" Isn't she precious?

The weather has been amazing here in North Carolina, and we have spent several weekends at the beach lately. Here is a picture of "my little angel!"
Catching up . . .

The holidays have kept me busy as usual, and my blog has taken the hit for it! I am back now, but for how long, no one knows . . .
My mom has been very sick, and it has been difficult not being "home" to help her with the holiday festivities. Josh and I will fly home on Christmas Day, and we are both looking forward to our vacation there!
Laura Grace is as precious as ever, growing so quickly--I cannot get enough of her. A week away from her at Christmas is going to nearly kill me, though I will be with family--bittersweet, I suppose.
Our nephew, James is home and doing well. They are planning a visit down in April at which time we will be able to meet this little guy!
Josh is busy coaching, and I am busy shopping, wrapping, baking, cooking, and taking care of Laura Grace and two households! I love every second of it too!