Thursday, April 02, 2009

Catching up...again...

Time seems to be minimal these days, so blogging has taken a "back seat." Gage had pneumonia about a month ago, and that consumed a lot of time with almost hourly breathing treatments at times. He still isn't talking (at least not in English:), so we are meeting with specialists, and trying to address that appropriately, keeping in mind that he isn't delayed in any other areas, so it is likely just that he has a speech delay for whatever reason. At the moment, he is well and learning more each day. He loves to sort shapes, play with puzzles, buckle and unbuckle (anything and everything he can). He would let me read and sing to him all day, and for that I am SO grateful! Reading and singing to him are the highlights in my day. He would stay outside all day long, whether it was 3o degrees or 110 degrees. He just LOVES anything outside. He often stands at the door and cries because he wants to "go!"He is especially fascinated with vehicles and would play in the driver's seat, turning the wheel and fidgeting with buttons...forever if we let him. He loves his baby cousin, Hayes and of course Gracie-those are two of his favorite little people for sure. He is a "Mama's boy" THROUGH AND THROUGH, and while that exhausts me and irritates me occasionally, I KNOW that it will not last forever, so I am trying to enjoy it while it lasts.

Josh and Gage at Gracie's Grammy's house

We visited the aquarium while we were at the beach two weekends ago and yesterday, we went to the Museum of Natural Sciences in Raleigh, so we have been busy "exploring."
Gracie loved the tiny jellyfish!

Trying to touch a stingray

Gage admiring her bravery...

Big field trip with Mom, Aunt Tree, and cousins

Checking out the rain forest beneath us on a lower floor

Watching the butterflies, while Mommy "dodged" them.

Cade and Gage checking out the dinosaurs

Sweet face...checking out the bugs...yuck.

Laura Grace is growing up so quickly. She loves preschool, and is learning so much each day. I wish I could learn so easily! She recently started soccer and already loves it, though we are still working on the "no hands" issue... She never much cared for dance or gymnastics, so I am thinking she will surely be a "tomboy" through and through. She has been traveling a lot! Already this year, she has been on a trip to Disney World in Florida, to Mexico, to Utah on a ski trip, which she LOVED, and to the Cayman Islands, where she swam with dolphins. I love that she is experiencing so much at such a young age. She is full of life and a true to joy to everyone she meets.
Sharing her water with "Gagie"at her first soccer game

Best buds, climbing at Grammy's house


Abby Sokul Turner said...

Thanks for the update! I've been wondering how you and everyone were doing! I'll be praying for your visit with the specialist. Once he starts talking, watch out!!! It will be non-stop! Gage is getting so grown up and ADORABLE! Time goes so fast and he'll be 2 before you know it!

Karen said...

Oh, come on! Like he'll have talking trouble with you for a mommy! :)

LOVE the photo of Gage with his arm up on the rock. Like a little Vanna.

How are you guys doing?

ruth said...

Nice to have you back, Sara... actually, I don't know this from experience, but I think it's possible he might irritate you from occasion to occasion for the rest of your life. :) I know I do for my mom.

Trisha Kelsey said...